Georgian expedition
to Svaneti
29 June - 6 July 2019
Feel the georgian hospitality and
the power of Caucasus mountains
Georgian expedition details
Basic information
7 days
Total duration
The week of exploring Upper Svaneti, one of the most beautiful mountain regions in Georgia.
Start point
A visa to Georgia is not required. Transfer to Mazeri from Tbilisi is discussed separately.
~127 kilomiters
The length of the tracking part
On the way we are waiting for colorful local settlements, mountain lakes and amazingly beautiful glaciers.
2800 metres
The highest point of the track
All lifts will be gradual, which will make it easier to adapt to the height.
3 participants
The group size is limited
We pay maximum attention to each participant and create trust relationships within the team.
Middle level
Level of difficulty
You need to prepare for the expedition. Long crossings and lifts require an average level of fitness.
Expedition time plan


Day 0. Mazeri. Meetup
Height 1660 m

Mazeri is an alpine Svan settlement on the bank of the river Dolra.

It's located in the vicinity of virgin nature with no one around. Only alpine meadows and a half-ring of mountains, in the north of which rises the massif of Mount Ushba. It appears in all its beauty and grandeur.

Free day for rest and acquaintance.

Day 1. Usher glacier
Height 2700 m, distance 20 km, travel time 8-9 h

For better acclimatization, we will have a radial exit to the waterfalls and the glacier of mysterious Ushba.

We will intersect 3 high-altitude zones: first the path goes through the forest along the noisy Dolra River, then alpine meadows, then only stones and ice. Along the way there are waterfalls and mineral springs.

Return to Mazeri, overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 2. Chalaadi glacier
Height 1920 m, distance 24 km, travel time 5-6 h

In the morning from Mazeri we move to Mestia, settle in the guesthouse, leave things and go light to the Chalaadi glacier.
The road is easy, you can admire the rocky massif of Dalakor, as well as magnificent views of Chatini and Ulutauchan.
From under the thickness of the ice breaks a powerful stream of the Chalaadi River. Brooks run from the glacier itself, which is melting, and stones often fall off from it.
Return to Mestia, overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 3. Koruldi lake

Height 2700m, distance 15 km, travel time 6-8 h

Today we have to ascend, and then descend a lot. The road to the lakes is very picturesque. Perhaps this is the case when the road will impress much more than the goal itself.
Passing through the cobbled streets of Mestia, surrounded by ancient towers, does not leave the feeling that they were in the Middle Ages.

Along the way, there are panoramic view: Ushba, Chatyn, Ullukaru, Tetnuldi, as well as the snow-white peaks of the Svan Range.

In the evening we return to Mestia.

Day 4. Mestia-Zhabeshi-Adishi-Adishchala river
Height 2040m, distance 15,3 km, travel time 6-8 h

Today we will wake up in Mestia, and we will spend the night at the routine of the Lardadi-Adishi glacier.
From Mestia we will transfer to Zhabeshi, and from there - a 10-kilometer trekking walk to the ancient Svan settlement Adishi.

While trekking we'll take a dip in the natural jacuzzi created by the mountain river.

Then we go in the direction of the pass Chhutnieri.

Overnight in tents near the glacier.
Day 5. Lardaadi Adishi glacier-Chutnieri pass-Iprali
Height 2800 m, distance 14 km, travel time 5-6 h

Morning trekking to 1,5 km height Lardadi-Adishi glacier. After we wade into the Adishchaly river. This should be done in the morning, when the sun has not yet warmed the glacier, and the river has the lowest water level.

Then we ascend to the pass Chhutnieri.
Amazing landscapes on the town of Tetnuldi and the Bezengi wall open from the pass.

Then we descend to the picturesque ruins of the ancient fortress of Khalde, which was once the symbol of the struggle of the Svans for independence.

We will spend the night in the guesthouse in the village of Iprali.

Day 6. Iprali - Ushguli-Shara glacier
Height 2200 m, distance 20 km, travel time 8-9 h

In the morning we move from Iprali to Ushguli.
Ushguli is a distinctive Svan community consisting of 4 villages: Zhabiani, Chazhashi, Murkmeli and Chvibiani. It is the second high-altitude settlement in Europe, in which people live permanently.

The route to the Shkhara glacier begins in the village of Zhabiani and goes along the Inguri river. On the right side there is a view of the Namkvani Glacier Plateau, on the left side - on the very mountain Shkhara - the second highest mountain in Georgia.

At an height of 2400m the glacier begins at the routine of Shkhara. From it the Inguri River rushes out like a torrent. Sometimes snow blocks and stones fall from the glacier.

On the way we will visit the Lamarite Church, known throughout Svaneti.

Return to Ushguli, overnight in the guesthouse.

Day 7. Ushguli - Svan ridge-Mestia
Height 2700 m, distance 20 km, travel time 8-9 h

Today we have to ascend a little bit more height along the mountain paths from the valley of Ushguli.

The best panorama of the Main Caucasus Range in Svaneti opens on the Svan ridge. In good weather, there is a review from Shkhara to Ushba.

The mountains are fascinating, I want to stay here longer .. But it's time to go down to Ushguli.

From Ushguli we have transfer to Mestia.

Overnight in Mestia guesthouse.

Day 8. Mestia

Free day.

The bag packing day.

Return to home or join the group to go further in next project.

Explore The Svaneti mountains

Free your mind
make the rest MEANINGFUL
Observe THE BEAUTY of the present MOMENT

See what included and what payed separately
Price 990 $ (what's included)
  • English speaking guide
  • 7 nights accommodation ( 2person/room)
  • Snacks during trekking
  • Gas stuff
  • Hot water/tea
  • Transfers during expedition
  • Photos
  • Public First Aid Kit
Payment conditions:
- Prepayment until 1.05.2019 - 250$
- Until 1.06.2019 top to 50% of full price (500$)
- Until beginning of expedition top to 100% of full price (990$)

Extra costs (not included)
  • Flight to Georgia 100 — 300 $
  • Optional Flight to Mestia Airport
  • Breakfast, Dinner, etc
  • Extra Food not included in program spendings
  • Travel Insurance
  • Pocket Money
  • Any Spendings not stated or included in price
  • Personal stuff
  • Souvenirs

Personal Equipment
Sneakers (better trekking sandals), trekking boots, T-shirt (shirt) with long sleeves, 2 T-shirts with short sleeves, cap, socks simple (2-4 pairs) and warm (1 pair), thermal underwear, fleece jacket,
fleece warm hat, gloves (mittens),
windproof mask, windbreaker, running pants, shorts, rain poncho
Sunglasses, trekking poles, sleeping bag, swimsuit / swimming trunks.
Cup, spoon, bowl, knife ( put in the luggage or do not take), a metal thermos 0.7-1l / person

Chargers, mobile phone, mobile powerbank, headlamp, 2-3mm cord (for drying clothes, repairs, etc.)
Comfortable backpack:
- for woman 40 liters max,
- for man 50 liters max.

Waterproof bag for documents (belt, bag with zipper, bag on the neck, etc.)
International Passport,
printed air tickets,
cash + card, insurance (original or copy on the phone)

Photocopy of all documents (additionally upload photos in the cloud in case of loss of physical copies or any other accident)
First Aid
Sunscreen and Lipstick
Sunscreen (spf 40+)
Callus Plaster
Bottle for water
Personal medication (check the permission to carry on the plane)
Personal Hygiene
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Detergents (shampoo, gel, soap, etc.)
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