Who is in the team?
We meet each other volunteering in eco village.
Then we decide to create expeditions, because realise of being the same aimed people.
Those expeditions makes you better mentally and physically

He takes care of each member of the expedition and leads the group along the route.
Mountaineer, extreme, practice on the development of nature in life. Goes on hikes for more than 20 years. In 2014, he organized the first trek through the mountains of Turkey. Since that moment I understood what exactly I wanted to do next. Today, behind left the mountains of the Caucasus, Tajikistan, Urals, Indonesia, Turkey, Montenegro. He took part in rescue work in the mountains. Has a rank in mountaineering.
An expert in the field of healthy nutrition. He likes to swim in the hole and temper.
Favorite saying: "Strive to wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is the past. Wisdom is the future. "


She organizes the process and makes it interesting and comfortable.
Activist and adventurer in the soul, visited more than 10 countries. Practicing yoga and spiritual practices for over 3 years. Began to meditate to relieve stress after work. But after a year of practice, having figured out her true desires, she left her office work to travel and volunteer.
Believes in the divine principle of every person. She is interested in the Zero waste movement and eco-friendly lifestyle.
Favorite saying: "If you want to change the world, start with yourself."

We are
Where are we going
New experience
Explore new practice
Meet same minded people
Our purpose
Be bette than yesterday
Do the best we can
Main Principal
Permanent self development and help our team to develop
Our media
What does the people say about us
It was first time I visited the mountains. I WAS IN THE MOUNTAINS !!!! Dreams come true, now I know it !!!) Deep gratitude to the guys for the business and creative approach, the ability to adequately resolve difficult situations (mea culpa), a sincere desire to share their knowledge and experience on tourism issues and not only for humor and love of life Great knowledge of English and sophisticated technical devices abroad!
Adeliya, 27 yo, Engeneer
The guys are all very well organized and pay attention about almost anything! We managed to see a lot of interesting places. Many new things learned about health.
It was a great opportunity to spend the holidays in such a beautiful area! Advice to future travelers - do not forget two backpacks (it is very useful to wear 1 small in the afternoon).
Elfi,19 yo, Student
Thank you guys for a powerful, fulfilled program. There was no time to miss from morning to evening. Managed to see even more than was originally planned. All issues, such as housing, food, communication, negotiations with local ones, were solved qualitatively and competently, taking into account the wishes of all participants.
Nikolay, 37 yo, Entrepreneur
The path traveled and the views seen cannot be described in words, not even conveyed with frames ..., you need to feel all this yourself, pass through yourself to feel it.
I want to say one thing: for everyone who wants to explore the world around, learn new things and visit beautiful places, there is an excellent, in my opinion, opportunity to join us! I was more than happy with the last trip! Waiting for new one.
One more thing: such trips bring people very close, as we use to say: we have our own atmosphere here.
Julya, 28, Manager

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